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Category/分类:文学 小说类 吕博士推荐
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English Summary/英文概要: “When you fail to come to terms with the times or with those who are in positions of power and their henchmen, or when you don’t blindly repeat what the fools say, your soul will inevitably be sent into exile on a permanent basis. Insisting on your defiant attitude – even if you lead a very quiet life in your resistance – will prompt them to displace you, throw you in jail, or even hang you. I’m sorry ma’am. I didn’t start this war. But you are suffering as a result of it.”

A Man in Permanent Exile is a historical novel by Nader Ebrahimi. The novel that centers on the life story of a well-known philosopher has been reprinted ten times by Roozbehan Publishing Co. In this book the author has incorporated a fluid historical story into in-depth intellectual and philosophical concepts. The final product is a book attractive to both: those who are interested in historical-philosophical writings and those who like novels in general. The fluid, rhythmic language of the book, coupled with humor, has made it all the more interesting to the readers.

The story is set in a featureless desert in Iran. Intrigued by religious dogmatists, the king has ordered Molasadra and his family exiled to the desert region. A flashback in the second chapter takes the reader back to Molasadra’s childhood before returning to his exile at the present. The time warp continues throughout the story. That seems to be designed to be a break from the boring routine which is usually associated with many historical novels. In each of these time warps, a new element of suspense is worked into the story. This – introduction of new ups and downs – is intended to render the novel more appealing to the readers.

No doubt, Ebrahimi is a romance writer, and A Man in Permanent Exile is more of a riveting romance than anything else. However, it’s difficult to definitively label the book as purely romantic or intellectual. Toward the end of the story, the masterful combination of these two elements makes the reader regret the fact that he is about to put down the book, although the best of its contradictions and hopes are still streaming in his mind. All these have turned A Man in Permanent Exile into a break with tradition.

Chinese Summary/中文概要: “当你无法与时代或与那些当权的人以及他们的追随者达成一致时,或者当你无法盲目地重复愚昧之人的看法时,你的灵魂将不可避免地被永久流放。坚持你的反抗态度——即使在你的反抗期间过着非常僻静的生活——将促使他们取代你,把你扔在监狱里,甚至把你绞死。对不起,夫人。我没有开启这场战争。但结果你却承受了痛苦。”




Awards/获奖情况: This sounds very fascinating. Promote as contemporary Iranian literature.-Luc 13 Dec 2014

About the Author/作者介绍: 纳德•伊布拉西米是一位多产的和受欢迎的作家,导演以及都市学家,他出世在德黑兰,1936年完成在德黑兰高中学业后,他就读于法学院,但两年后,他辍学去进修他的英语语言和文学学士学位。他尝试过各种各样的工作。在他的一生中,他曾经是沙漠中的修理工,印刷工人,银行职员,杂志版面设计师,翻译和编辑,纪录片和电影制作者,书商,书法家,画家,大学讲师和作家。他16岁开始写作,并从没有放弃过。他的第一本书《留宿之家》获得了巨大成功。除了上百篇文学文章外,他也出版了100多本书。他还撰写并导演了几部电影,纪录片和两部广受欢迎的电视剧。他为儿童文学建立了“hamgam”研究所。该研究所获得了的“亚洲最佳出版商”和“世界最佳出版商”奖,以及全世界儿童插画书籍类的会演邀请。他被授予bratsylava一等奖(1970年),联合国教科文组织的教育奖,伊朗的年度图书奖(1970年)和其他几个奖项。因书籍《无烟之火》他被授予“改革20年后的最佳科幻小说作家”称号。他的作品已被翻译成多种语言。

Nader Ebrahimi Prolific and popular author, filmmaker and Iranologist Born in Tehran, 1936 After finishing his high school in Tehran, he enrolled in law school, but withdrew after two years, to achieve his BA in English language and literature. He tried various jobs. During his lifetime he has been a repairman in the desert, a printery worker, a bank accountant, a magazine layout designer, a translator and editor, a documentary and movie maker, a book seller, a calligrapher, a painter, a university lecturer and a writer. He began writing at age 16 and never gave it up. His first book A House for Night was a big success. In addition to hundreds of literary articles, he has published more than 100 books. He also wrote and directed several movies, documentaries and two well-made and popular television series. He established “Hamgam" institute for children’s literature. The Institute received “The Best Publisher in Asia" and "The Best Publisher of the World" awards from Asian and worldwide festivals of children’s’ books illustration. He was awarded Bratsylava first prize (1970), UNESCO prize for education, Iran’s Book of the Year prize (1970) and several other awards. He was granted the title of "The best fiction writer in 20 years after the revolution" for the novel Fire without Smoke. His work has been translated into several languages.

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