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分类: 文学、小说类 连环画(绘本)卡通漫画;礼品书 图书代码:03000004B00305
代理商:大苹果 Milton Caniff’s Steve Canyon
by Milton Arthur Caniff
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英文概要: Picking up right where the first collection leaves off, these action-packed strips circa 1948 contain the complete classic Canyon adventures "Medical Sabotage," "The Nine Maid," "Operation Convoy," "Plantation Sabotage," and "Puppy Love." The Rembrandt of Cartooning truly hits his stride here.  
作者介绍: Born in Hillsboro, Ohio in 1907, Caniff earned worldwide acclaim at the helm of Terry and the Pirates in the ‘30s and ‘40s. But eventually, he rebelled against his syndicate’s editorial oversight and ownership of copyright to his work. Leveraging his global reputation, Caniff launched Canyon in 1947 under his own copyright and syndicated it himself. It was an instant success which ran continuously in syndication for 40 years, ending only upon Caniff’s death in 1988.
分类: 生活,健康 体育,娱乐休闲 图书代码:04R00021
代理商:大苹果 Peter Alliss’ Golf Heroes
by Peter Alliss
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中文概要: 彼得-艾里丝是个出色的高尔夫球运动员,1961年起,他改行当了高尔夫运动解说员。从此,他的名字就成了高尔夫运动的代名词。他被“高尔夫文摘”杂志评为最佳解说员,并吸引了更多的人关心高尔夫运动。本书是他编写的高尔夫“名人堂”,汇集了他心目中的高尔夫英雄,其中有:往日的球星,受大众欢迎的球员,当代的传奇人物,在高尔夫的发展历史上留下痕迹的人物,女性开拓者,等等。
作者介绍: Peter Alliss曾获得23次高尔夫锦标赛的冠军,其中包括英国PGA3次,西班牙公开赛2次,意大利,巴西,葡萄牙公开赛各一次。他还8次代表英国参加里德杯比赛,10次代表英国参加世界杯比赛。退役后,他当了高尔夫运动解说员,还在世界各地组织了许多高尔夫比赛,为高尔夫运动做了很多工作。他常为“高尔夫世界”和“高尔夫国际”杂志写文章,还写了20多本书。
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代理商:大苹果 HEADLESS
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英文概要: Benjamin Weissman, the author of the acclaimed transgressive classic Dear Dead Person (Serpent’s Tail/High Risk 1995) returns with this long-awaited second collection of brilliantly written, outrageously imaginative, and comedic short stories. In Headless, Weissman turns his daredevil wit and fearless storytelling gifts on subjects ranging from Hitler’s secret life as a skier to the philosophical musings of identical twin porn stars to the travails of the world’s most sitcom-defying family. Benjamin Weissman is a contributing editor to BOMB magazine and writes regularly for Parkett, Frieze, and ArtForum. A painter and professor at Art Center College of Design and Otis College of the Arts, Weissman lives in Los Angeles.  
分类: 传记 体育,娱乐休闲 图书代码:04B00084
by Fred & Judy Vermorel
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中文概要: 走近性手枪
1989版,平装,32开,ISBN:0-7119-1090-1 真正近距离地讲述 性手枪的故事

性手枪,祖师级的朋克乐队。 Sex Pistols 诞生于1975年的英国,该乐队最初的成员主要有主唱罗顿(Jonny Rotten)、吉他手史蒂夫·琼斯(Steve Jones)、贝司手格伦·马特洛克(Glen Matlock)、鼓手保罗·库克(Paul Cook)等,重要人物还有他们的赞助人Malcolm Mclaren, Vivienne Westwood, 后来的贝司手 Sid Vicious 以及他们的秘书 Sophie。性手枪的音乐与之前涌现的音乐流派不同,它特别地以尖锐猥亵的音乐方式猛烈抨击当时的社会制度,这种风格受到了年轻人的关注与欢迎,有一定的乐迷群。屡屡遭禁的名作《上帝挽救女王》(God save the Queen)、《联合王国的无政府主义》(Anarchy in the UK)等都是他们的重要作品。“性手枪”乐队于1978年秋解散。


作者介绍: 作者之一的Fred Vermonrel早在艺术学院时就是 Malcolm Mclaren的朋友和知己,他还曾把Malcolm Mclaren介绍Vivienne Westwood.因为作者特别的身份,这本书无疑有对朋克摇滚最杰出代表 “性手枪”乐队最直接而且独一无二的资料来源,他们通过走访乐队成员、他们的亲朋、乃至Malcolm McLaren和他的办公室人员,权威报道了所有重要人物的真实故事。书中引用他们自己的话告诉人们事情的发展,摘选乐队秘书Sohpie当时的日记,并配发很多精彩黑白图片,读者可以全面的了解认识 ‘性手枪’乐队。
分类: 语言学习 推理小说 图书代码:07912004R00037
by Leslie Silbert
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英文概要: In sixteenth-century London, Marlowe embarks on his final intelligence assignment, hoping to find his missing muse, as well as the culprits behind a high-stakes smuggling scheme.
In present-day New York, grad student turned private eye Kate Morgan is called in on an urgent matter. One of her firm’s top clients, a London-based financier, has chanced upon a mysterious manuscript that had been buried for centuries—one that someone, somewhere is desperate to steal. What secret lurks in those yellowed, ciphered pages? And how, so many years later, could it drive someone to kill?
As Kate sets off for England, she receives a second assignment. An enigmatic art dealer has made an eleven-million-dollar purchase from an Iranian intelligence officer. Is it a black-market antiquities deal, or something far more sinister? Like Marlowe, Kate moonlights as a spy—her P.I. firm doubles as an off-the-books U.S. intelligence unit—and she is soon caught like a pawn in a deadly international game. As The Intelligencer’s interlocking narratives race toward a stunning collision, and Kate closes in on the truth behind Marlowe’s sudden death, it becomes clear that she may have sealed a similar fate for herself.
Propelling us from the shadows of the sixteenth-century underworld to the glitter of Queen Elizabeth’s court, from the dark corridors of a clandestine American op-center to the cliffs of Capri, The Intelligencer is at once a murder mystery, a tale of poetic inspiration, and a richly detailed foray into parallel worlds of espionage and political intrigue separated by centuries.

Review From Intelligence Professionals “An artful and ingenious blend of Elizabethan history and twenty-first century espionage by a gifted and insightful observer of the age-old dark side of intelligence.” JACK DEVINE( former Acting Director for Operations at the CIA)  

中文概要: 故事由发生在16世纪和现代社会的故事穿插进行。主角之一的Christopher Marlowe兼具剧作家、诗人、间谍多重身份。另一个主角是现代人Kate Morgan, 他是美国常青藤名校毕业,是个私家侦探。 非常精彩的悬疑小说,另有7小时的CD语音文件。朗读者为Alfred Molina和 Jan Maxwell 。语音极其清晰标准,是英语爱好者难得的学习好资料。
阿尔弗雷德·莫利纳(Alfred Molina)讲述发生在伊丽莎白时代的故事。他已经在影视圈里摸爬滚打了25年,演过很多重要角色,除了〈浓情巧克力〉、〈不羁夜〉(Boogie Nights)等片,也曾在《弗里达》中扮演过弗里达的画家丈夫里维拉和〈蝙蝠侠2〉中演过“章鱼博士”。作为影视圈里摸爬滚打了已有25年之久的老演员,莫利纳对从古典戏剧到主流喜剧的各种类型影片中的角色都很擅长。他是个载誉盛多的演员:曾获过托尼奖提名、获过“戏剧艺术奖”(Drama Desk Award)和外圈剧评人奖(Outer Critics Circle Award)

Jan Maxwell 她扮演剧中的Kate Morgan.
Jan Maxwell算得上是百老汇的老演员了。她出演过玩偶屋(A Doll’s House),音乐之声( The Sound of Music), 晚餐会(The Dinner Party), 在卢纳萨跳舞(Dancing at Lughnasa )和天使之城( City of Angels Off)-Broadway, Ms. Maxwell 常在曼哈顿剧场俱乐部、肯尼迪中心、巡回剧团演出。她电视表演方面的名声也不错,参与的有Law & Order 和PBS’s AIDS: Changing the Rules.

作者介绍: Leslie Silbert:Renaissance scholar and private investigator has parlayed her experiences into one of the most captivating thrillers to come along in years. Her boss, a 32-year veteran of the CIA, calls The Intelligencer “an artful and ingenious blend of Elizabethan history and twenty-first century espionage,” and award-winning novelist, David Liss, praises it as “impressively learned and absorbingly entertaining…a fast-paced, engaging, and witty thriller.” Leslie graduated from Harvard College in 1998 with a degree in the History of Science.
分类: 文学、小说类 图书代码:11701204M00020
by Sean O’Reilly
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英文概要: Sean O’Reilly’s second novel, set in contemporary Dublin, centres on two figures: Noel Boyle, a man threatened by his past and petrified by his future, and Fada, a clown-like street performer, crazed by his own liberty and poetry. Boyle tries to start again, to erase his history. He aches for space and change, another run at things. Fada - dangerously unreliable and excitable - is relentlessly rooted in the present, hardly able to catch breath within his own chaos of fictions. THE SWING OF THINGS is ablaze with the stories of lives lived and lost: stories of the everyday that become momentous and mythical in their retelling. A girl is found drowned - who is she? Russians in exile are holed up, terrified of deportation. Men are released from prison to find themselves in free-fall. One minute a contented father is hanging out the washing and the next he is attempting to hang himself. A couple fall in love and see a fleeting, illusory glimpse of a future together. A beautiful, life-affirming meditation on the theme of release and what it is that keeps us tethered to the world. Praise for his previous book, LOVE AND SLEEP: "Echoes of Sartre’s NAUSEA, Dostoevsky’s UNDERGROUND MAN and the narrator of Knut Hamsun’s HUNGER this is a truthful emotion-driven European novel by a writer who happens to come from Derry. It is also by far the finest new fiction from the younger Irish writers." The Irish Times " One of the very finest contemporary writers." Alan Warner "LOVE AND SLEEP confirms that that much-fated, falsely-recognised and poorly imitated figure, the True Stylist, genuinely does exist. This twenty-first century picaresque is, authentically and mercifully, unique." Niall Griffiths  
中文概要: ISBN: 0571221300 ; 320页; 本书有需要,可提供翻译支持 Noel Boyle 新来都柏林。对过去的恐惧,对未来的不知所措。他渴望有一份空间,人生有所变化。他认识了Fada---一个靠不住的街头艺人,陶醉于自己的诗歌与自由。他们之间会有怎样的危险冲突…… 版权销售情况: UK & US: Faber (2004.2出版); France: Bourgois; Holland: Meulenhoff.
作者介绍: Sean O’Reilly was born in Derry in 1969. He has published a collection of short stories, CURFEW and a novel LOVE AND SLEEP, both published by Faber. He lives in Dublin.
分类: 图书代码:12800704R00107
by Catherine Texier
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英文概要: Female sexuality-the driving force of Texier’s abrasive earlier fiction (e.g., Love Me Tender, 1987; Panic Blood, 1990)-takes a much more romantic form here. Billed as a mixture of fact and fiction and based on the little Texier knew about her eponymous great-grandmother, it’s the story of a grand amour and its bittersweet aftermath. The narrative juxtaposes a day in 1940 when the elderly Victorine, living in France under German occupation, goes to the beach with her middle-aged youngest son-with Victorine’s staggered memories of her youth, marriage, adultery, and repentance. The latter are revealed in gorgeously written extended flashbacks in which we observe, in the early pages, a young girl who is "good at pretending" growing up in provincial VendÉe, briefly encountering handsome teenaged Antoine Langelot, then entering an increasingly unhappy marriage to worldly-and rather officiously masculine-schoolteacher Armand Texier. Victorine bears Armand two children, but dreams of a different, more exotic life. And when Antoine reenters hers and importunes her to travel with him to employment opportunities in Indochina, she vacillates nervously, then, in 1899, leaves her family and joins him. Texier shapes Victorine’s Indochina adventure as a series of disillusionments: Antoine’s repeated business failures, his slow fall into an expatriate culture absorbed in the pursuit of luxury and the consolations of opium, the "message" implicit in a text she uses to study native languages ("The Tale of Kieu," a narrative poem about a woman who gave up everything to be with her lover), and Victorine’s own burgeoning guilt and unhappiness. The close comes with her sorrowful (though resolute) parting from Antoine and her return to VendÉe, and Armand. Echoes of both Madame Bovary and Kate Chopin’s The Awakening suffuse a nevertheless inventive and artfully composed delineation of a beguiling and complicated woman’s arduous journey toward self-understanding. A subtly textured fourth novel: Texier’s best yet.

“Catherine Texier’s Victorine is a provocative yet generous meditation on the effects of her great-grandmother’s reckless choice of passion over duty as it ripples through time and generations. Every family has its mysteries and intrigues, but few are this dramatic, and even fewer have been the inspiration for such a vivid and graceful novel.”
——Katharine Weber, author of The Music Lesson and The Little Women  

中文概要: 2004.4.20出版,336页。ISBN: 0-375-42124-6 / ISBN:0-375-42124-6
作者介绍: Catherine Texier is the author of three previous novels, Chloé l’Atlantique, Love Me Tender, and Panic Blood, and a memoir, Breakup. She was the coeditor of the literary magazine Between C & D, is a regular contributor to the New York Times, and has written for Newsday, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and Nerve.com. Texier lives in New York City.

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